Upcoming Events and Meetups

A man sitting on a stack of chairs playing Sound Voltex.

Monthly Rhythm Game Night

Jeremy's Downtown Arcade Rhythm Game Nights - Last Thursday of each month

Realms Rhythm Game Nights - 2nd Wednesday of each month

Drop by any time during these nights, hang out, and meet up with other rhythm game fans!

Last Thursday each Month - 6PM-10PM - Jeremy's Downtown Arcade. 2nd Wednesday each Month - 5PM-10PM - Realms
Photo of a Chunithm marquee.

Idaho Rhythm Group @ AnimeID

We're excited to be bringing arcade and console rhythm game goodness to AnimeID's first outing into the wild world of conventions!

For console setups, we plan to bring a mix of returning classics from NAO with a few new additions - Beat Saber, Project DIVA, Clone Hero, and more!

The arcade games come from our personal collections, and this will be our first time bringing them to a con (as StepMania aside, NAO brought their own arcade games) - expect some uncommon games that are either new to the area, or that have not appeared in a long time. 👀

(Game list and details are subject to change)

7/6/2024-7/7/2024 - AnimeID (Expo Idaho)

Past Events

A group of people in front of a DDR cabinet.

IRG StepMania Tournament 2024

The third iteration of dance game goodness at Jeremy's Arcade, featuring 16 total players across the two divisions and a surprise visit from several members of the Utah dance game community!

Thanks to Fanatik25 for their MASSIVE help planning and running this event!

2/25/2024 @ 1PM (Upper div.) - Jeremy's Downtown Arcade
Hotel room with several video game setups.

Idaho Rhythm Group @ NAO:02

We hosted a room at Neo Anime Oasis featuring 8 community-volunteered console game setups AND an auto-mahjong table from the convention chairman himself!

Though we're sad to see NAO go, we're glad we made some amazing memories during the journey of their final year.

Check out our message boards from the con!

6/23/2023-6/25/2023 - Neo Anime Oasis:02 (Grove Hotel)
A modded Dance Dance Revolution control panel

IRG StepMania Tournament 2023

The follow up to StepMania Tournament 2022. We had 10 people across two divisions make it out for some close matches (one match was decided by A SINGLE NOTE!!)

Thank you to server members Fanatik25 and Crazy4321 for helping plan and run this event!

2/26/2023 @ 1PM (Upper div.) - Jeremy's Downtown Arcade
Hotel room with several video game setups.

Idaho Rhythm Group @ NAO:01

We hosted a room at Neo Anime Oasis featuring 6 community-volunteered console game setups - Beat Saber, Clone Hero, 3x Project DIVA, OSU.

We're hoping to be able to host this room again at the next NAO!

6/24/2022-6/26/2022 - Neo Anime Oasis:01 (Grove Hotel)
Close-up of two people dancing on a StepMania arcade game.

StepMania Tournament #1

Several players across 2 divisions of 4-panel dancing goodness.

Special thanks to 8-Bit Plus and Zangoose for assistance with organizing, promoting, and running this event.

3/3/2023- Jeremy's Downtown Arcade

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